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Boxed in

The Sarbanes Oxley financial regulation, and proposed new taxes on hedge fund and private equity firms in the US and UK are having a negative impact. Marc Miles and Jack Anderson examine how these businesses are responding to this political attack and what criteria they will use when they examine alternative financial centres in which to operate.

Moving Targets

Higher taxes and stricter regulations may be the trigger for financial institutions to reconsider where they base their operations. But, say Jack Anderson, Marc Miles and Michael Segalla, there are many other factors which they should take into account and it is possible to measure the benefits offered by the competing financial centres.

Judging Destinations

With an ever-increasing number of global destinations offering apparently attractive packages to financial institutions, choosing the one providing the best environment is becoming ever more complex. Marc Miles, Jack Anderson and Michael Segalla explain how senior executives can judge the conflicting claims.

Jack Anderson, a renowned expert in international taxation and location specialist, worked over twenty years with Ernst&Young in France.  As a lawyer, certified public accountant, MBA graduate, and author he is uniquely certified to bring an extraordinarily high set of skills and experiences to help you succeed.  Jack brought more than 250 companies to Europe including a growing number of high tech bioscience firms.  His Tax Misery Index, published every year in Forbes magazine tracks the cost of taxes to firms and employees in over 100 countries.  A frequent speaker at high level executive conferences Jack also lectures at some of the finest schools in the world including Stanford University, HEC School of Management, Paris, New York University, and INSEAD.


Michael Segalla, a professor and researcher at HEC School of Management, Paris, taught business at McGill University and City University of New York before joining HEC in 1991.  A recipient of a Franco-American travel grant, he toured France and later Europe learning firsthand about the problems of creating conditions attractive for international investment.  His research led to the development of the Cultural Risk Framework which guides managers in identifying the risks of moving people, products, and processes across borders.  His team interviewed over 160 firms operating in France learning about their problems and solutions in adapting their business to French culture. Based on the expertise he created the French International Investment Agency asked him join a pan European project to develop the European Attractiveness Scoreboard, which markets Europe's strengths to multinational investors.



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