2007 Forbes Tax Misery Index

       May 3, 2007




Edited by Jack Anderson and David A. Andelman

The globally mobile,
highly skilled executive and entrepreneur living in a connected world has plenty of choices to make. But there's one part of the decision about where to live -- and that's how much of your paycheck will you take home after the local government takes its cut of your paycheck. One decision is about where to live--and the tax part of that decision can mean tripling after-tax cash depending on the cut the local government takes out of people's paychecks. We've ranked countries based on how large of a cut they take. We call it the Forbes Misery Index (or, for those countries with low taxes, the Forbes Happiness Index). A look at this index shows an executive's gross salary may be reduced by almost 60% if he has his office in Denmark or Sweden. Almost as much is lost in Belgium, and 40% of your paycheck may be lost in France or New York City to income and social taxes (depending on income level and marital status). By contrast, the index shows there's no reduction in the Middle East nation of Qatar, where executives get to keep every euro, dollar or drachma their company pays them.


The Beauties Of Low Taxation
By Jack Anderson
with Marc Miles and Michael Segalla

Our annual capitalist tool to global taxation for the entrepreneur and the influence of taxes on employee take home pay.


Minimizing Your Taxes
By Jack Anderson

Where you choose to live can make a big difference in how much you take home.


A French Perspective
By Philippe Favre

Reforms in France target expatriates.

Global Comparison Of Tax Burdens

Married, two dependant children (in EURO)

Single (in EURO)




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